From Smart Farming towards Agriculture 5.0: A Review on Crop Data Management

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5G and Beyond: Past, Present and Future of the Mobile Communications

The fifth-generation (5G) of mobile communications networks is emerging as a revolutionary technology that will accelerate the development of smart cities and the realization of the information ...
28/10/2021 08:30

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Smart Home Sensing and Monitoring in Households With Dementia: ...

Background: As life expectancy grows, so do the challenges of caring for an aging population. Older adults, including people with dementia, want to live independently and feel in control of their ...
28/10/2021 08:30

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Smart Healthcare in the Age of AI: Recent Advances, Challenges, and ...

The significant increase in the number of individuals with chronic ailments (including the elderly and disabled) has dictated an urgent need for an innovative model for healthcare systems. ...
17/09/2021 14:00